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Description:ALD PECVD System is a tube furnace with 80mm diameter alumina tube, vacuum pump and six channels mass flow meters gas flowing system. It can mix 1-6 types of gases for PECVD or diffusion. 

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Brief Introduction:  
It is a tube furnace with 80mm diameter alumina tube, vacuum pump and six channels mass flow meters gas flowing system. It can mix 1-6 types of gases for PECVD or diffusion. Belongs to a type of  PECVD device.
Technical Parameter:
Part I: Standard Parts
Tube Furnace
Display LCD Touch Screen
Continuous Woking Temp. ≤1100℃ for 1st zone
≤1100℃ for 2nd zone
≤1600℃ for 3rd zone
Heating Rate Suggestion: 0~10℃/min
Temperature Zone 220mm+220+220mm
Heating Element Sic heater and MoSi2 heaters
Thermocouple K type and B type
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Tube Size 80x1600mm (OD x minimum L) Approx.
Material: alumina 
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Tilt function 0-15 degree
(it is not suggested to work in tilt function at 1100C, since the MoSi2 heating element may broken easily. It will become soft at high temperature, pls be kindly noted.)
Heating curves 30 steps programmable
Vacuum Flange
Stainless Steel vacuum flange with valve
Right side flange is sliding type.
And the flange will be water cooling type.
Power 220V, 50 Hz, single phase at max. 8KW
supply Plasma RF Power
Power Range 0-300W(continuous adjustable)
Control Mode Manual / PLC / PC232/485
Working Frequency 13.56MHz
Machine Protection DC overload protection, DC/amplifier over-temperature protection, reflected power protection, matching timeout protection
RF Output Impedance Interface (50Ω) N-type, female
Power Stability ≤ 1 W
Maximum Reflected Power 200 W
Harmonic Components ≤ d Bc -50
Supply Voltage 187V - 253V
Overall Efficiency ≧ % 70
Cooling Method forced air cooling
Vacuum Pump
Molecular Pump System
Ultimate vacuum:6.7*10-5 Torr.
Include digital vacuum gauge 
Mass Flow Meters (LCD Touch Screen) Six precision mass flow meters :
MFC Accuracy is: ±1.5% F.S.
MFC 1 for Ar : Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
MFC 2 for N2 : Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
MFC 3 for O2 : Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
MFC 4 for C2H2: Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
MFC 5 for CH4: Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
MFC 6 for H2: Gas flow range depends on customer’s requirement
(above flow range is only for reference, Pls confirm gas flow range before palce order. )
One gas mixing tank is installed on bottom case with 6 stainless steel needle valves is installed on left side of bottom case to control 6 type gases mixing manually.
LCD Touch Screen (designed by kejia, with Kejia Logo) for MFC is as below:

(this valve is not supplied by us)ALD valve
Two ALD valves with pulse controller  (min 10 ms duration )
And connect to touch screen 
Liquid-Vapor Generator Automatic liquid vapor generator is included and connect to  ALD valve

1.7MHZ ultrasonic Atomization
Equipped with a 1.7MHz ultrasonic atomizer, the liquid can be atomized into liquid particles and introduced into a tube furnace.
20VAC, 1.7MHz ultrasonic atomizer
• The liquid tank comes standard with 316 stainless steel,and sealed with a fluorine rubber seal;
• Atomization amount can be set from 1 to 8, and the amount of atomization can be controlled by adjusting the size of the gear;
• It can realize two functions of continuous operation atomization and regular operation atomization. The timing can be adjusted from 30 minutes to 180 minutes (adjust the gear every 30 minutes).
Liquid injection system • A standard set of liquid injection pumps for automatic liquid feeding
• The syringe pump is equipped with a plastic syringe with a maximum volume of 60ml for holding liquids;
• Syringe pump speed adjustment range:
0.004ml / min—70ml / min
Water Chiller Used to cool down water cooled flange and vacuum pump.
Pls note: C2H2  CH4 and H2 are flammable gas,suggest customer to operate system in ventilation environment,and it is better to prepare gas alarm equipment at customer side.


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  After-sales Service

1.We provide one year warranty for our equipment (Except the quick-wear part),Equipment damage or malfunction during the guarantee period due to equipment quality reasons, all be free maintenance.After the warranty expires, still offer lifetime and high quality service.

2.In case of failure in the process of equipment used, our company will make a deal as soon as possible, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3.Our company provide free equipment operation training and simple troubleshooting and maintenance training.

4.My company's technical staff can provide door-to-door service (product installation, debugging, maintenance, technical advice and instructions, etc.).

5.Our company provides transport services, packaging are carried out in accordance with the safety standard packing.Random complete technical data (user manual, maintenance manuals, relevant materials and accessories, random tools, etc.).

6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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