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PECVD Tubular Coating System

PECVD Tubular Coating System


Description:PECVD tube furnace is widely used for depositing high-quality SiO2 films, Si3N4 films, diamond films, hard films, optical films, carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene materials, etc.

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Continuous calcination furnace for High Purity Alumina (HPA) 
 is a high temperature reactor with special rotary and tilt function. It is specially designed for sintering of inorganic compound, such as, mineral particles and battery material and with better uniformity. Multi heating zone, condenser and tail gas collect equipment can be optional part according to different experiment.
Technical Parameter:
Product name Tubular PECVD system (CE certification)
Slide tube furnace part
Model PT-T1200
Heating zone length 300mm
Furnace tube size diameter 120*1600mm
Working temperature ≦1100℃
Max. temperature 1200℃
Temperature measuring element K type thermocouple
Temperature Control System 30-segment PID microcomputer programmable automatic control
Insulation temperature control accuracy ±1℃
temperature protection With over temperature and burnout protection function
Heating rate 0-20ºC/min
Heating element High resistance electric heating alloy wire OCr27A17Mo
Operating Voltage AC220V single phase 50HZ
rated power  4KW
chamber material  Using polycrystalline fiber furnace material, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field
sealing system The furnace tube and the flange are squeezed and sealed with O-rings, which are easy to disassemble, can be disassembled repeatedly, and have good air tightness.
Furnace tube High purity quartz tube
French 304 stainless steel sealing flange, installed mechanical pressure gauge and stainless steel globe valve, easy to disassemble and take out materials
Furnace structure Cr-plated thick steel plate two-way slide rails can realize the movement of the tube furnace to achieve rapid heating and cooling
Furnace shell temperature ≤45℃
vacuum system part
name DRV16 Rotary Vane Pump 4L/S
The main parameters Ultimate vacuum degree 10Pa (including KF25 interface, vacuum baffle valve and movable box)
vacuum display Resistance digital display vacuum gauge, display range standard atmospheric pressure--10-1pa
Air system part
name Four-way mass flow meter
Gas line four way
flow control Digital display, each channel of gas contains a needle valve for separate control, and the gas flow is automatically controlled
Air inlet and outlet Four in and one out, built-in precision mixing tank
link method Double Ferrule Fitting
flow range MFC1-MFC4:0-500sccm(range optional)
control precision About ±1.5%F.S, different ranges, slightly different
Working temperature 5℃-45℃
Plasma radio frequency part
name RF automatic matcher
Matching power range 0-500W
working frequency 13.56MHZ+0.005%
Normal working reflected power <3W
match time <3S
transmission efficiency >90%
Matching power supply AC220V/50-60HZ

PECVD tube furnace

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6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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