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Operating instructions of vacuum quenching furnace

Time:2017-11-27 16:44
Operating instructions of vacuum quenching furnace
1. open the circulating pump power, check the water pressure, the pressure gauge is greater than 0.1MPa, all the water system valves are in open state;
2. open the control gas source, the pressure is in the middle of 0.5-0.7MPa, can not stop gas on the midway;
3. open the high pure nitrogen pressure in the low pressure switch, table 0.8MPa, and confirm the time enough to use gas bottle, midway can not breathe;
4. open the main power air switch in the control cabinet, then open the power switch on the control cabinet, turn on the UPS switch, start the industrial control computer;
5. industrial computer starts to the login window, select the operator, please input the correct password, the computer will automatically enter the control window;
6. open the temperature program control window, new process or open the existing process, so that the temperature program is on standby;
7. open the window, open the hand control switch, and then open the automatic adjustment of skip position switch, skip automatically adjust the car to open the high hydraulic pressure station, open the middle of the door switch, open the discharge valve to discharge the oil chamber, the door is open, close the bleeder valve, workpiece car will frame into the furnace, exit the workpiece car. The bolt is inserted;
8. the workpiece in the heating chamber, the action is as follows: 1) open the middle door in place light; 2) determining the skip in high, skip ahead to open the car into place lights; 3) car discharge open car in a light; 4) skip back open vehicle abdication light; 5) the middle door closed - door middle bit lights, finish feeding, hydraulic station power off, the oil chamber door closed lock;
9. open the mechanical pump, and then open the hot chamber vacuum valve, and then open the oil chamber vacuum valve;
10. vacuum degree is less than 800 watts, open roots pump 2 power supply, delay 2 minutes to open roots pump 1 power supply; 11. seriously empty degree is less than 10Pa, and then smoke 5---10 minutes;
12. close the hot chamber vacuum valve, oil chamber vacuum valve, roots pump 1,2, open the charging valve switch, delay 2 minutes to close the mechanical pump;
13. when the inflation pressure is greater than -0.06MPa, the pneumatic valve will be closed automatically;
14. after the automatic closing of the charging valve, turn on the heating power supply, the temperature control program will automatically run, check whether the current running state is normal;
15. when 3 minutes before the end of the heating program, open automatically adjust the position switch the car, automatic adjustment of position;
16. after heating, open the hydraulic station power supply, the reclaiming process is as follows; 1) to open the door, open the door in the middle light, 2) in a skip, skip forward to open a car light; 3) skip - skip high lights open reclaimer; 4) skip back open car lights to abdicate light; 5) middle - middle door closed door closed position lights; 17. if you want to open the air cooling fan, power supply, cooling schedule start time;
18. if you want to open the oil into the oil cooling, switch, skip into the oil after oil mixing open switch, cooling clock start time;
19. time to close the cooling fan or mixing oil, if the oil cold open oil switch, car rises high, closed hydraulic station power supply;
20. open the oil chamber vent valve, open the furnace door when the air pressure is released, take out the workpiece, and if you do second, please put the workpiece to be placed, repeat the above process;
21. when the equipment is not in use, please put it in a vacuum state, so as to avoid internal damp or rust, the equipment temperature will be below 100 degrees, and then the water can not be stopped.
22. equipment should be regularly overhauled, vacuum pump to change oil every 3--- months, in the inspection of heating system or overhaul, the power supply must be shut down, and hang the power outage maintenance signs, must pay attention to safety, long-term need not to switch the power master switch.
23. equipment in the work process, the operator should not leave, regularly check and record the working state, find the problem in time processing.


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