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Introduction of Nuotai Technology's Laboratory Heating Equip

Time:2020-08-04 14:12
   PT Technology's laboratory heating equipment is mainly used in laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, laboratory heating and heat treatment, and is an indispensable instrument and equipment in various laboratories.
tube furnace
  Below we mainly introduce the down tube furnace products:
  1. Most tube furnaces use silicon-molybdenum rods as heating elements, adopt double-layer shell structure, 30-segment program temperature control system, phase-shift trigger, and SCR control. The furnace shell is equipped with an air-cooling system, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature. It uses 99 corundum pipes, sealed with stainless steel flanges at both ends, and uses a float flowmeter to control the intake flow. The furnace has a balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, and temperature rise and fall. With the advantages of fast speed and energy saving, it is an ideal product for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, and vacuum annealing in universities, research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises.
  2. Energy-saving ceramic fiber material and double-layer structure can reduce the surface temperature to normal temperature. Long uniform temperature zone, easy operation, reliable sealing, high comprehensive performance index, at the domestic level.
  Product features of tube furnace
  1. Natural air insulation type, light and easy to carry.
  2. Fast heating speed, 0-30℃/min can be set freely.
  3. Radiation heating on both sides of the furnace, uniform temperature distribution.
  4. Insulation: Imported high temperature resistant ceramic wool insulation and ceramic board, rock wool triple insulation.
  5. Heater: Heater, durable, stable heating, fast heating speed.
  6. The interior is made of high-temperature resistant ceramic plates, which are not easy to deform, and the exterior is galvanized and high-temperature baking paint is beautiful and not easy to peel off.
  7. Equipment features: rapid temperature rise: 1000C furnace type from 100C to 1000C, less than 30 minutes, 1700 degrees furnace from 100C to 1700C, less than 90 minutes
  8. High efficiency: When used as an experimental furnace, it can open air inlet and outlet holes and add a chimney, which is beneficial to supplement fresh oxygen and accelerate the test.
  9. Due to the new ceramic fiber furnace, the heat preservation effect is good, the temperature is raised to 1000C, and the surface of the shell is not hot after 1 hour to avoid scalding. (About 45-55C depends on the use environment)
  10. It can significantly reduce the sintering temperature, with a maximum of 500. C;
  11. Significantly reduce energy consumption, energy saving up to 70 -90%;
  12. Shorten the sintering time, up to more than 50%;
  13. Significantly increase the density of the structure, refine the grains, and improve the material properties.


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