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5L Electric Vacuum Mixer with Single Axis Helical Blade and Water Cold Tank -

5L Electric Vacuum Mixer with Single Axis Helical Blade and Water Cold Tank -


Description:MSK-SFM-6E ( ( updated from MSK-SFM-6 from 10/20/03) is designed for making large batch of chemical compound (5 liters) via blending and mixng in single container under vacuum driven by electricity only. It is programmable in speed, time, and rotating direction, and water cold stainless steel tank promise high efficient in mixing. SFM-6E is excellent for preparing LiCoO3, LiFePO4, Phosphors and ceramic slurry without gas bubble. And the processed material results in the better dispersion and uniformity.

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  • 5 liter 304 stainless steel container with double layer water cooling jacket. 
  • Advanced T type sealing to keep vacuum pressure up to 12 hours.
  • Container is opened or closed by electric motor (no air pump is required any more)
  • Programmable controller to set time, speed, rotation direction.
Voltage 208-240VAC single Phase, 50/60Hz, 30A Max (build-in frequency converter to ensure the mixer can be used under 50 or 60 Hz) 
Rate Power 750 W ( 1 Hp)
Rotor Rod Speed 0 -1400 RPM variable
Clean Blade Speed 10 - 110 RPM adjustable
Lifting  Electric motor ( no compress are pump required any more )
Water Requirement
  • 16 L/min water flow required to cool mixing tank
  • Cooling water 1/4'' Inlet and outlet on the back of the mixing tank (with build-in cooling jacket)  (please click the first picture from the left for details)
  • Suggest you order recirculating water chiller by click picture picture  left to save water (water chiller is not included)
Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum gauge is built in with minimum vacuum level -0.1 MPa
  • Three mixing blades are included for for immediate use. 
1.Helical Mixing Blade (120mm H x160 mm diam.
2.Propeller Mixing Blade
3.Turbine Mixing Blade
Mechanical Pressure Gauge and two 1/4'' gas inlet/outlet for hose tube on the front
304SS Container Size 270mm O.D. x 210mm I.D. x 230mm H
Instrument Dimensions 580mm(L) x 320mm(W) x 1340mm(H)
Shipping Dimensions 700mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 1500mm(H)
Net Weight 119 kg (262 lbs)
Shipping Weight 140 kg (310 lbs)
Compliance CE Certified
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or lack of maintenance is not covered by warranty
Note MSK-SFM-6E is suitable for wet blendingand mixing only and not suggest for use drying mixing or ball milling.

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1.We provide one year warranty for our equipment (Except the quick-wear part),Equipment damage or malfunction during the guarantee period due to equipment quality reasons, all be free maintenance.After the warranty expires, still offer lifetime and high quality service.

2.In case of failure in the process of equipment used, our company will make a deal as soon as possible, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3.Our company provide free equipment operation training and simple troubleshooting and maintenance training.

4.My company's technical staff can provide door-to-door service (product installation, debugging, maintenance, technical advice and instructions, etc.).

5.Our company provides transport services, packaging are carried out in accordance with the safety standard packing.Random complete technical data (user manual, maintenance manuals, relevant materials and accessories, random tools, etc.).

6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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