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5 liter Tri-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer with Vacuum Pump and Water chiller -

5 liter Tri-Shaft Planetary Vacuum Mixer with Vacuum Pump and Water chiller -

Model: MSK-SFM-9

Description:MSK-SFM-9 is a CE Certified Vacuum Planetary Mixer with 5 liter containers and complete accessories for immediate use. The vacuum mixer produces multi-movements during stirring, including, revolution and rotation, double stirring shafts, single scattered shaft & scraping the walls to make slurry gas-bubble free and with extreme uniformity under vacuum. A temperature-controlled water circulator is included to make container working at temperature range from 50oC to 35oC directly and water cold stainless steel tank can promise high efficiency in mixing. SFM-9 is excellent for preparing LiCoO3, LiFePO4, phosphors and ceramic slurry with excellent results in dispersion and uniformity.

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Power Supply
  • Single phase, AC 208 - 240V 50/60Hz, single phase
  • Total power: 4kW
Revolution Speed
  • Mian shaft speed: 0 - 70 rpm 
  • Stirring speed: 0 - 112 rpm, motor: 2.2kW
  • Dispersing speed: 0 - 6100 rpm, motor: 1.5kW
  • The vacuum pump: 0.37kW built in
  • The vacuum degree: ≦ -0.098MPa
Lift Motor Lifting Motor is built in ( 370W)
  • Dimensions: Dia.240mm * H.180mm
  • Capacity: 5 Liter 
  • Water cooling jacket
  • Temperatured monitor and over-temperature alarm
  • Tolerance of beater and bottom: 2-4 mm
  • Tolerance of beater and bucker wall: 2-5mm
  • Tolerance of two beaters: 3-8mm
  • Made of SS 304
Connected Accessories & Fittings
  • DN50 feed hole
  • Three-piece type ball valve outlet
  • Two DN50 sight glasses
  • One G1/2" vacuum connector with vacuum pump
  • One G1/2" air outlet
  • One vacuum meter
  • 12mm O.D. water inlet and outlet fittings
Control Panel Digital Touch Screen for efficient adjustments
Compliance CE Certified
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Rust and damage due to improper storage conditions or lack of maintenance is not covered by warranty
Overall Dimension 1000mm(L) x 800mm(W) x 1930mm(H)
Net Weight 300 kg (660 lbs) 
Shipping Dimension & Weight Two Pallets:
53" x 43" x 93"   800 lbs
40" x 26" x 27"   100 lbs 

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  After-sales Service

1.We provide one year warranty for our equipment (Except the quick-wear part),Equipment damage or malfunction during the guarantee period due to equipment quality reasons, all be free maintenance.After the warranty expires, still offer lifetime and high quality service.

2.In case of failure in the process of equipment used, our company will make a deal as soon as possible, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3.Our company provide free equipment operation training and simple troubleshooting and maintenance training.

4.My company's technical staff can provide door-to-door service (product installation, debugging, maintenance, technical advice and instructions, etc.).

5.Our company provides transport services, packaging are carried out in accordance with the safety standard packing.Random complete technical data (user manual, maintenance manuals, relevant materials and accessories, random tools, etc.).

6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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