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Heavy Duty High Speed Abrasive Cut-off Saw with two 10" SiC cutting blades -

Model£º SYJ-30

Description£ºSYJ-30 (originally EQ-MT-200) is CE certified heavy duty bench top wet abrasive cut-off saw. It is designed to cut metallographic samples faster and safer at an affordable price. The 10" SiC or diamond cutting blade is used for cutting all kinds of materials with a maximum sample size of 30 mm x 30 mm. A cooling system is built in to avoid overheating sample or splashing water during cutting.

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Heavy Duty High Speed Abrasive Cut-off Saw with two 10" SiC cutting blades -
Input Power 208 - 240V AC single phase  £¨ 50¡¢60Hz £©
(110V version is available with a 1500W transformer £©
Motor Power AC Motor with 1.1 KW
Motor Speed 2800 RPM
Cutting Blade Two 10" OD x 1.25" ( I.D) x 2 mm (Thick) SiC cutting blade included. Click picture below to order spare blades
Max. Cutting Section 30 mm x 30 mm
Mount Vise T clamp vise is included for quick tightening or release
Driving the Cut Manually push up. It is safer and faster than to push down along the cut-off saw.
Cooling system
  • May use Tap water as coolant, inlet flow is adjustable at the front panel, and outlet flow is adjustable at the bottom of machine. Must clean machine after cutting to avoid corrosion.
Machine Dimensions 650 x 450 x  400 mm
Net Weight 60Kg ( 132 Lb)
Shipping dimensions 45" x 35" x 30"
Shipping weight 160 lbs
Warranty One Years limited warranty and life time support, not including blade and rusted parts due to inadequate storage conditions.
Certification CE certified
Application Notes  
  • Please use anti-corrosion coolant during cutting to avoid rusting the lead screw. Not suggesst to use water as coolant during cutting. Also, you can use W10-30 motor oil as coolant, which is available at any Auto store.  
  • Always clean machine, especially the lead screw using W40 lubricant after each use.

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6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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