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Bench-Top Double Side Lapping / Polishing Machine for Max. 2" wafer -

Bench-Top Double Side Lapping / Polishing Machine for Max. 2" wafer -


Description:EQ-UNIPOL-160D machine is a bench-top precision double side lapping and polishing machine. It can lap and polish 4 pieces of wafers up to 2" in both side at the same time, and achieves TTV less than one micron in 2" diameter area. It is an idea tool to prepare Si, Ge and oxide single crystal wafer with 2" diameter or less in the laboratory.

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Lapping Plate Dimensions 225 x  94 x 15mm (Outer dia. x Arbor dia. x Thickness)
Weight of Upper Lapping Plate and Balance 5.5kg (3kg for balance weight)
Gearing Template Specification z=54 m=1.5  dia.81mm (metric)
Number of Gearing Templates for Simultaneous Use 4
Largest Work Piece Size Dia. 60mm; thickness 15mm
Accuracy of Fatness and Parallelism 0.001mm
Accuracy of Lapping and Polishing +/-0.001mm
Surface Finish > grade 10
Input Power Single phase 220V
Motor DC/600W
Dimensions 615x375x494mm
Net Weight 80kg
Note Four pieces of gearing templates are required for double sides polishing. (MTI can provide the gearing template with various hole size at extra cost (~$30/template). One template can hold sample as the follows:
  • One 60 mm or 2" diameter wafer
  • 3 pcs or less 1" diameter wafer
  • 14 pcs or less 10x10mm substrate
 To get a quote for gearing template please let us know wafer size and final thickness to be polished.
Compliance CE Certified
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
Item No.  Description  Qty 
Polishing plate 2
Lapping plate 2
Polishing template gear  4
Polymide polishing pad  2
Poromeric polishing pad  2
Axle key holders (pre-install in the upper polishing plate)  2
Ring feeding channel (pre-install in the upper polishing plate)  1
Ring weight  3
Water pipes  2
 EQ-unipol-160D-10 10A Fuse  2
Screw drivers  2
Power cord  1

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