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In-situ Analytical Split Test Cell with Observation Window for Lithium/Zinc Air Battery R&D: Optional Au Coating

In-situ Analytical Split Test Cell with Observation Window for Lithium/Zinc Air Battery R&D: Optional Au Coating


Description:The PT-ZINCAIR-W is an upgraded version of PT-STC-LI-AIR. It contains a quartz observation window on the bottom which allows in-situ X-Ray analysis of battery material phase transition during charging and discharging process.  Two needle valves allow you control air flow pressure and its splitable design provides you the most convenoent way to test various anode and cathode materials. It's an excellent tool for Lithium/Zinc Air Battery Research.

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Structure 316 Stainless Steel Structure ensures high electrical conductivity and good corrosion protection
Two electrodes design
Internal compress spring ensures a good metal contact of the electrodes
Electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE Guide Sleeve and Sealing O-rings
Compact design fits in any benchtop glove boxes
10mm Dia. x 1mm Thick Quartz Observation Window allows X-Ray and infrared beam penetration.
Bottom Recess  Area 16mm Dia. (The recess area can accomodate the electrodes with size upto 16mm dia.)
Observation Window
Diameter = 9.3mm Quartz Observation Window allows the X-Ray beam penetration. 
Thickness = 1.92mm
Recessed Spacing = 6.00 mm
Optional with extra cost Anti-crossive Au coating on the cell internal and inserts is an option. $396 surcharge will apply.
Valves&Fittings Two Stainless Steel needle valves and 1/16" tube connector is installed on both gas inlet and outlet
Dimensions Dia.80x62mm

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