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Split Test Cell with Quartz Window for Battery Electrode In-situ Analysis

Split Test Cell with Quartz Window for Battery Electrode In-situ Analysis


Description:PT-STC-QW split-able test cell is designed for R&D of rechargeable battery material. A 16.8mm diam. quartz window on its bottom allows in-situ X-Ray analysis of battery material phase transition during charging and discharging. Such a cell can accept various sizes (19, 20, and 24mm diameter) of electrodes and separators and test the electrodes easily and quickly.

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Structure Full stainless steel SS304
Max. Cell Thickness  6mm  (cathode+separator+anode)
Features Electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE Guide Sleeve capable of withstanding up to 250 ºC. (19, 20, and 24 mm diam. are available. Please select the size at option bar.) 
Sealed by electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE O-rings.
A 6mm height spacer inside the test cell to press down on the electrode and prevent the electrode from curling.
Small enough to be put in and taken out from a glove box.
Easy to separate and clean after testing.
Same functionality to "Swagelok Coin Cell" but with more size options for electrode and separator and also the proper dimensions for glove box compatibility.
Quartz Observation Window Diameter = 10.1mm  Quartz Observation Window allows the X-Ray beam penetration. 
Thickness = 1.92mm
Recessed Spacing = 6.00 mm
Max. Working Temperature 200ºC
Optional Please select the inser size in the option bar. 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, and 24 mm diameter inserts are available.
Anti-crossive Au coating on the cell internal and inserts is an option. $396 surcharge will apply.
Max. Cell Thickness Cathode+separator+anode: 6mm

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