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Water Chiller

Water Chiller



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type Model Cooling capacity Temp.control range Temperature precision Flow rate Pressure Support dual temp. control Options of refrigerant
CW-5000 0.692-0.879KW 5-35℃ ±0.3℃ 10-16L/min 10-25M   R-22 R-134a R-410a
CW-5200 1.46-1.52KW 5-35℃ ±0.3℃ 10-16L/min 10-25M    
CW-5300 1.84-2.24KW 5-35℃ ±0.3℃ 10-16L/min 10-25M  
CW-6000 2.785-3.015KW 5-35℃ ±0.5℃ 13-70L/min 12-53M Support  
CW-6100 3.38-4.24KW 5-35℃ ±0.5℃ 13-70L/min 12-53M Support  
CW-6200 5.13-5.17KW 5-35℃ ±0.5℃ 13-70L/min 12-53M Support  
CW-6300 8.16-8.35KW 5-35℃ ±1℃ 70-116L/min 28-53M Support  
CW-7500 14KW 5-35℃ ±1℃ 70-116L/min 28-53M Support  
CW-7800 19KW 5-35℃ ±1℃ 70-116L/min 28-53M Support  
  CW-7900 30KW 5-35℃ ±1℃ 70-116L/min 28-53M Support  
Thermolysis Cooling CW-3000 50W/℃     2-13L/min 10-70M        

CW-3000 water chiller
1. Radiating capacity: 50W / degree.
2. Small thermolysis water cooler, energy saving, long working life and simple operation.
3. With completed water flow and over high temperature alarm functions.
4. Multiple power specifications; CE approval.

CW-3000AG: applied to cool a single 80W CO2 laser tube (emitting rate lower than 60℃/min
CW-3000AF: applied to cool dual 1.5KW CNC spindles or welding equipment
CW-3000AH: applied to cool four 1.5KW CNC spindles or welding equipment

MODEL CW-3000AG CW-3000DG CW-3000AF CW-3000DF CW-3000AH CW-3000DH
Voltages AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current 0.45A 0.9A 0.45A 0.9A 0.45A 0.9A
Radiating capacity 50W/degree
Tank capacity 9 L
Inlet and outlet External φ10mm brass connector φ 8mm brass connector External φ10mm brass connector
Max. lift 10 M 12M
Max. flow 10 L/min 13 L/min
Protection Flow alarm
N.W 9.5Kg
G.W 12Kg
Dimensions 47 X 27 X 37 cm (L x W x H)
Packing dimensions 59 X 38 X 48 cm (L x W x H)

CW-5000 Water chiller
1. Features:
1) Convenient for installation and operation;
2) Integrated electronic control, large digital displays;
3) Single temperature, single control;
4) Low flow alarm;
5) Over heat and over low temperature alarm;
6) One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control: in different environment, user does not need to change setting due to it will automatically switch to 
      appropriate operating temperature.

2. Specification of Laser Water Chiller CW5000 :
Model CW-5000AG CW-5000BG CW-5000DG
Voltage AC 1P 220V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Current 1.4-2.1A 3.5-5.6A
Compressor Power 0.295KW 0.38KW 0.305KW
0.40HP 0.52HP 0.41HP
Refrigeration Capacity 2361Btu/h 2999Btu/h 2866Btu/h
0.692KW 0.879KW 0.84KW
595Kcal/h 756Kcal/h 722Kcal/h
Refrigerant R-134a
Refrigerant Charge 300g 320g 280g
Precision ±0.3℃
Reducer Capillary
Protection Overcurrent protection for compressor, flow alarm, over temperature alarm
Pump Power 0.03KW
Inlet and Outlet External  Φ10mm brass connetor
Tank capacity 6L
Max. Lift 10M
Max. Flow 10L/min
N.W. 24kgs
G.W 27kgs
Dimensions 58x29x47cm(LxWxH)
Packing Dimensions 70x43x58cm(LxWxH)

CW-5200 Water chiller
1. 1400W cooling capacity; optional environmental refrigerant;
2. Compact size, long working life and simple operation;
3. ±0.3 oC precisely temperature control;
4. The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control models, applicable to different applied occasions; with various setting and display functions;
5. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high/low temperature alarm;
6. Multiple power specifications: CE approval; RoHS approval;
7. Optional heater and water filter.
Industrial Water Cooler / Chiller CNC/ Laser Engraver
CW5200 series chiller water tank for laser engraver cutting machine
One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control: in different environment, user does not need to change setting due to it will automatically 
switch to appropriate operating temperature. 
CW-5200AG: applied to cool a single 150W CO2 glass laser tube or two 100W CO2 glass laser tubes;
CW-5200AK:applied to a cool single 50W-75W laser diode, a single 8KW CNC spindle or welding equipment;
(Note: In the model, letter A, B and D stand for the different voltage, and letter G and K stand for different pump.)

Technicial Parameter
Model CW-5200AG CW-5200BG CW-5200DG CW-5200AH CW-5200BH CW-5200DH CW-5200AI CW-5200BI CW-5200DI
 Voltage AC 1P 220V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 220V AC 1P 110V
 Frequency 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 60Hz
 Current 2.4~3.1A 2.6~3.3A 4.5~6.5A 2.4~3.1A 2.6~3.3A 4.5~6.5A 2.4~3.1A 2.6~3.3A 4.5~6.5A
Compressor   power 0.52KW 0.5KW 0.68KW 0.52KW 0.5KW 0.68KW 0.52KW 0.5KW 0.68KW
0.71HP 0.68HP 0.93HP 0.71HP 0.68HP 0.93HP 0.71HP 0.68HP 0.93HP
Refrigerating   capacity 5084Btu/h 4982Btu/h 5186Btu/h 5084Btu/h 4982Btu/h 5186Btu/h 5084Btu/h 4982Btu/h 5186Btu/h
1.49KW 1.46KW 1.52KW 1.49KW 1.46KW 1.52KW 1.49KW 1.46KW 1.52KW
1281Kcal/h 1256Kcal/h 1307Kcal/h 1281Kcal/h 1256Kcal/h 1307Kcal/h 1281Kcal/h 1256Kcal/h 1307Kcal/h
Refrigerant R-22 / R-134a / R-410a
Refrigerant charge 360g 380g 350g 360g 380g 350g 360g 380g 350g
Precision ±0.3°C
Reducer Capillary
Protection Overcurrent protection for compressor, flow alarm,   over temperature alarm
Pump power 0.03KW 0.051KW 0.1KW
 Tank capacity 6L
 Inlet and outlet External ?10mm brass connector
Max. lift 10 M 12 M 25 M
Max. flow 10 L/min 13L/min 16 L/min
N.W 26 Kgs
G.W 29Kgs
Dimension 58 X 29 X 47 cm (L x W x H)
Package dimension 70 X 43 X 58 cm (L x W x H)

Transaction process

  After-sales Service

1.We provide one year warranty for our equipment (Except the quick-wear part),Equipment damage or malfunction during the guarantee period due to equipment quality reasons, all be free maintenance.After the warranty expires, still offer lifetime and high quality service.

2.In case of failure in the process of equipment used, our company will make a deal as soon as possible, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3.Our company provide free equipment operation training and simple troubleshooting and maintenance training.

4.My company's technical staff can provide door-to-door service (product installation, debugging, maintenance, technical advice and instructions, etc.).

5.Our company provides transport services, packaging are carried out in accordance with the safety standard packing.Random complete technical data (user manual, maintenance manuals, relevant materials and accessories, random tools, etc.).

6.All the equipment has the CE certificate.

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