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1000W RF generator with match

1000W RF generator with match



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series Auto RF Match is used into the vacuum thin film coating equipments for the processes such as plasma cleaning, plasma etching, magnetron sputtering, PECVD etc. The main function is to realize the auto matching function, and solves the technical vacancy.
Currently the domestic manufactures mainly utilize the hand operated RF Match. And it is not so convenient to use the hand operated RF Match. Continuous operation is needed to adjust the impedance of the RF Match to achieve the process goal. While, the auto match can fill up the gap and owns the features of speediness, automatism, reliability, high efficiency, accuracy, saving labor and time. The optional RF systematic detection module can real time detect the system’s forward power, reflect power, standing wave ratio, RF signal peak voltage, current, DC bias voltage, An in so doing it can make you detect and decrease the process variety.
优势 Advantages:
●Reliability & stability for long time
●Real time reflect power test and control
●Optimize design. Easy to install, use and repair
●Broad range of matching, suitable for complicated load system
●High efficiency in transmission, low noise, well shielding
●Strict reliable test  
特点 Features:
●Strengthened thin film plating and etching process
●Optimized RF Match arithmetic to speed up the matching time
● Reduce the standing-wave ratio and the reflect ratio utmost
使用参数: Specification:

匹配功率范围 Power Output Range 0-1000W
工作频率 RF Operating Frequency 13.56MHZ
正常工作反射功率Reflect Power <3W
匹配时间 Matching time <3S
传输效率Transmission efficiency >90%
匹配器电源Matching power supply AC220V/50-60HZ
输入连接器RF input connector N型
输出连接器 RF output connector UHF
控制模式 Control model 手动/自动 automatic or manual operation
可设预置点数Preset points 7
匹配阻抗范围Matching impedance range 实部0-80Ω 虚部-j200 ~~+j200(可根据负载调节阻抗)
Real part 0-80Ω imaginary part -j200~~+j200
(can be adjusted according to load impedance)
整机尺寸 Size 450X294X151MM
整机重量 Weight 9.5KG
冷却方式Cooling method 强制风冷Forced air

Advanced and multifunctional VERG® platform can provide very stable RF power trans mission character and a variable mode option. Each model has a unique function(VERG® (13.56MHz/27.12MHz); 1000W; multi-port). This way you can select a set of components which is suitable for you.
The components of high quality and less quantity optimize the product lift age, and thus make your investment and productivity at the highest efficiency. With forced cool air & high efficiency transistor, working with the auto RF match, the RF generator runs at high efficiency more than 70%, offering there for signal, ensuring the least RF power lost through auto matching & tuning. An intuitive & prompt menu can make you option from this function and that, and show the information on a screen of 128 x 64 pixel. It brings a lot of convenience-improve the operation efficiency and minimize the raining costs.
  RF generator is used I into the solar and semiconductor equipments for PECVD, vacuum thin film coating, ETCH, CVD, PVD, plasma cleaning, magnetron sputtering processes.

规格参数 Specification:
功率范围 Signal frequency 0-1000W(连续可调continuous adjustable )
工作频率 RF Operating Frequency 13.56MHZ+0.005%
工作模式 Operation model 连续输出continuous output
显示器 Display LCD 128*64
射频输出阻抗接口RF output connector (50Ω) N-type, female
功率稳定度 Power output range ≤2W
最大反射功率 Max. reflect power 130W
谐波分量Harmonic component ≤-50 (dBc)
失真Distortions -60 (dBc)
电源保护设置 Power protection DC过流保护,功放过温保护,反射功率保护
Over current protection, Over temperature protection, reflect power protection
控制模式 Control model 内控/PLC模拟量/RS232\485通讯
Internally piloting/PLC analog quantity/RS232/485 communication
供电电压/频率 Supply voltage/ Frequency 单相交流single phase(187V-253V) 50-60HZ
整机效率 Whole efficiency ≥70%
冷却方式 Cooling method 强制风冷Forced air
整机重量 Weight 13.5KG
整机尺寸Size 88 (H) x 483(W) x 500(D) (mm)

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