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Tube furnace tube cleaning method

Time:2015-03-05 09:10
On the tube furnace tube junction carbon residue or coke, usually cleaning methods are physical cleaning and chemical cleaning treatment.
The so-called physical cleaning is to use mechanical force accumulation of carbon residue in the pipe crushed, then the high-speed airflow blown debris, so the pipe flow.
Chemical cleaning is the destruction of the structure through a chemical reaction of carbon residue or react with carbon residue, slag achieve the purpose.
Due to the characteristics of the tube furnace, using 180 ° internal pipeline stamping elbow connection. If physical cleaning, cleaning once a limited distance, required in a tube furnace hearth furnace tube multiple internal door, hop-hop-cleaned before welding, and then to use the high-speed air purge, purge a long time and is very inconvenient. The use of aerated gasification combustion of chemical cleaning method, just outside the tube furnace oil-rich pipeline inlet and outlet openings at once cleaning is completed, without opening multiple welding again, saving time and labor.
Because complete combustion gasification, cleaning was also very thorough. Use tube furnace manufacturers can reasonably choose the cleaning method depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking, if a long tube with a brush, then do not recommend, washable by chemical methods, you can burn a two hours in the air (about 800 ℃), if there is residue, according to the nature of the residue by chemical methods removed.
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