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High-temperature furnace atmosphere a few things to note

Time:2015-03-25 09:18
1, in addition to people who do experiment, other people do not stay in the high temperature atmosphere furnace tube area.
2, the experimental work is completed, if not continue to use, turn special gases, retain N2 flow tube is maintained at standby temperature and see if there are other power switch and not related, such as: clean hood lighting, cooking with acid small electric or other, please turn off readily.
3, when dealing with HF, please wear gloves, such as when you accidentally hit HF, please flush immediately with water plus 2% calcium gluconate, rub the wound 15 '.
4, quartz glass products, please use caution to avoid rupture, causing severe lacerations.
5. Avoid breathing the smoke of various gases from the furnace or treatment tank. High-temperature furnace atmosphere
6, potassium cyanide (KCN) can not be mixed with acids home, because the two can produce toxic gases of KCN.
7, once discovered impede safe thing, please immediately notify the relevant personnel (technicians, etc.).
8, please conserve water usage.
9, broken wafers, paper, cotton swabs, etc., do not fall into the cleaning tank bottom drainage holes, causing the floor to avoid waterlogging due to poor drainage.
10, the front-end length of the putt, when not to use, make-up in order to avoid contamination. High-temperature atmosphere furnace.
11, the wafer released into the mouth when, following a boat in the holder, please do not touch the stove pipe mouth, so as not to contaminate the furnace tube.


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