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Box Furnace Materials Analysis

Time:2015-05-07 08:50
Structural differences little stove, box-type resistance furnace with its different operating temperatures, can be used for heat treatment of steel parts, heating of metal billets, metal sintering and melting and so on. Under normal atmosphere furnace can work, but also can work in a controlled atmosphere.     
A variety of small blanks and mechanical parts of heating or heat treatment, widely used in all kinds of box-type furnace. Different box furnace electric heating element material, the furnace temperature is different, electric stove masonry materials have many differences there are differences at a certain extent.     
During operation, the temperature of the working chamber of each point can be considered uniform, but according to process requirements change over time, or control of a certain value.     
Electric hotplates body may be disposed on the side wall, a tube furnace under the floor and roof. Generally such furnaces are not mandatory equipment furnace gas circulation of the heat transfer process in the furnace radiation heat transfer-based (especially on the high-temperature tube furnace stove is concerned), it can be considered to belong to the radiation heat-transfer type of stove.
Box-type resistance furnace cycle mode of operation generally only that pending charge into the furnace in batches, until the end of the heating process removed before processing the next batch of material. Electric stove temperature system has the general characteristics of the furnace chamber shape.
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