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Box-type furnace was added to the protective gas method

Time:2015-05-11 08:53
 Cooked with a box-type electric furnace operation friends you should know before circuits are required to supplement its internal gas. Then we know how to do make-up gas?  
In fact, this little box furnace used in the specification is a little reminder, then we let the work of skilled staff for this operation as we introduce laboratory muffle furnace next to other supplementary steps.
1. Before an electric furnace is heated, by using the up, down, or after two or three individual wash furnace filled way protective gas into the furnace, and the exhaust port of the needle valve to open to the maximum, so that fully air oven cavity to drain.
2 is introduced into the cavity to about 10 times the volume of the cavity shielding gas, in terms of box-type furnace interior air concentration dropped to about 10ppm.
3. Observe the furnace chamber air concentrations, if they meet the requirements of product processing, this time to close all wash mouth will transfer small vent needle. The purpose is to prevent air intrusion into the box furnace chamber.
4. The method of regulating the use of the process in an electric furnace by mixing flow control and exhaust port opening, to make the box-type furnace at a slightly positive pressure of the cavity filling, to prevent outside air from entering the furnace chamber cavity;
5. After the workpiece is removed produced. Usually in order to reduce the operation time for next steps, we will continue to fill the cavity protection to keep the box furnace gas furnace positive pressure.


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