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Atmosphere furnace furnace cleaning method
Atmosphere furnace furnace cleaning method
Vacuum pre-vacuum method: Steps
1. Any outlet nozzle connected to a vacuum hose;
2. The furnace atmosphere furnace pre-vacuum chamber;
3. pass into the protective gas;
4.The oven cavity and then the pre-vacuum;
5. This cycle several times to reach the furnace atmosphere within the requirements.  
Shielding gas substitution method:
1. protective gas atmosphere furnace should normally be raised before passed into the furnace;
2. The protective gas can be up, down, after three wash through the mouth, should vent needle valve to the maximum air out as soon as possible in order to facilitate the furnace;
3. General into the furnace through the furnace volume about 10 times the shielding gas, the oxygen concentration in the furnace can be reduced to about 10ppm;
4. When the oxygen concentration in the furnace process in line with the requirements of the product may be a vent needle off small, to save protective gas, closed mouth wash from entering the air intake through the meter;
5. atmosphere furnace use, must maintain a positive pressure within the chamber to prevent outside air from entering the furnace chamber;


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