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High temperature box furnace daily maintenance Consideration

Time:2015-08-28 09:01
1, when used again after box oven for the first time or for long periods, must be oven. Ovens time should be at room temperature 200 ℃ four hours. 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ four hours. When used, the furnace temperature can not exceed the rated temperature, so as not to burn the heating element.
Prohibit the furnace perfusion various liquid and easily dissolved in the metal, preferably in a box furnace is below the maximum temperature of 50 ℃ work, then furnace wire has a longer life.
2, box-type furnace and the controller must not exceed 85% relative humidity, no place to work conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gases. Where oil and the like need to be accompanied by a metallic material is heated, a large number of volatile gases will impact and corrosion surface heating element, so that the destruction and shortened life expectancy. Thus, when the heating timely prevention and good sealing containers or appropriate holes to be eliminated.
3, box-type furnace controller should be limited to use in an ambient temperature range of 0-40 ℃.
4, according to the technical requirements, always check the furnace regularly, the connection of each wiring controller is good. Connected to the controller of each thermocouple may interfere with the controller, the controller displays the value jump word appears, the measurement error increases and other phenomena, the higher the oven temperature, this phenomenon is more obvious. Therefore, make sure the metal protective tube (housing) is well grounded thermocouples, if necessary, using a three-wire thermocouple output. In short, we should take all effective measures to reduce interference.
5, thermocouples do not suddenly pull out at high temperatures to prevent jacket burst.
6, Shanghai New Connaught chamber furnaces keep the furnace clean, timely removal of things like the furnace oxide.
7, using the process in the furnace with an alkaline substance precipitate melting or burning sample should be strictly controlled operating conditions, the best advance in the bottom layer of HPL, to prevent corrosion of the furnace.


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