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Experimental atmosphere furnace application advantages

Time:2015-09-02 08:55
Experimental atmosphere furnace application advantages
Protech Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said that in the experimental atmosphere furnace, how to prevent oxidation, decarbonization produce it? It can pass into the protective gas to be dropped kerosene, methanol or pass into ammonia, nitrogen and other gases to be protected, but the simplest way is to put some wood to produce CO and other gases to be protected.
At present, in the form of paint in some parts of the surface coated with protective agent, the same parts can effectively prevent oxidation and decarbonization. Only strictly controlled furnace temperature, improve the first heat treatment, can effectively prevent overheating. Deformation and cracking is the most serious flaw in the heat treatment, the root causes of this defect is internal stress is too large. When the internal stress greater than the yield limit of material, parts to plastic deformation; when stress exceeds the strength limit, parts will crack occurrence. Specifically, the part shape asymmetry, uneven thickness sectional hook, poor original tissue, heating improper cooling, there is a sharp edge pointed shape, etc. can cause deformation and cracking parts.
Experimental atmosphere furnace using the new molybdenum wire corundum plate as a heating element, with easy to replace, temperature uniformity and other characteristics. The device can be equipped with a reducing atmosphere of ammonia decomposition furnace, the furnace temperature up to 1650 ℃, widely used in previous studies and mining enterprises, laboratories, research institutes, equipment reducing atmosphere, an inert atmosphere, an atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen mixed three types, safety equipment, reliable, stable performance, but also to meet the different experiments and special manufacturing processes. The equipment mixed with nitrogen and hydrogen gas, both ends of the stainless steel flange ring, to facilitate the entry of ventilation, safe and reliable. Temperature control using SCR control, 30 of PlD advanced programmable automatic temperature control, with over-temperature alarm protection, and strictly control the firing process products.


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