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Functions and Features of Dental Lab Furnace

Time:2017-09-06 09:54
Differences in dental lab furnace are not just based on brand and price. Heating elements, number of programs, heating chamber configurations, sintering speeds, and even unit size all vary somewhat. So which unit is best for your dental lab?

   The driving force behind newer furnace designs and capabilities is the growing number of zirconia materials and their required sintering parameters. Most zirconia materials are sintered at or below 1,600⁰C with heat rise 0-20oC/min.

dental lab furnace
protech dental lab furnace is mainly used for the sintering of Zirconia materials and also can be used in the field of powder metallurgical for the high temperature sintering and annealing of the meterials. It is the ideal furnace in your dental lab with the following details.

Dental Lab Furnace Technical Specifications
Inside Chamber Size: Dia 120*120mm
Standard Working Temperature: 1600oC
Maximum Working Temperature: 1700oC
Temperature Control: 30 steps programmable and PID auto control
Temperature accuracy: ± 1oC
Heating rate: Suggest < 20oC/min
Furnace casing: Double layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 50oC.
Heating Element: No discoloration MoSi2 heating rods
Working Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 1 phase
Max. Power: 2.5KW

Dental Lab Furnace Features:
1. Six pics heaters for four side heating to make sure the temperature uniformity inside the round chamber.
dental lab furnace

2. Pure type MoSi2 rods will not second contaminants the heated dentures .
3. Touch screen controller and lift tray for easy operation.

dental lab furnace
4. High temperature accuracy of +/-1 oC.
5. 30 steps heating curves can be kept and programmable.

Dental Lab Furnace Advantage :
1.High purity u type MoSi2 Heating Elements,less impurity,has no chemical reaction with zirconia block.
2.1700 grade high purity(>85% alumina) ceramic fiber board as chamber material,no iron component,avoid zirconia becoming yellow,ensure sintered zirconia is white and bright.
3.Zirconia sintering process is finished in 3 hours.
4.Over-temperature alarm with manual reset for safety.
5.Dental zirconia crucible and beads are free of charge,to ensure you can use the furnace imediately once receiving the furnace.

Except dental lab furnace we company also can offer you other dental furnace, including dental porcelain furnace, dental burnout furnace, CoCr metal alloy sitneirng furnace, dental milling chine, etc as follows. Welcome your inquiry and we will at your service anytime.

protech Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.


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