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Dual zone furnace

Time:2016-06-27 08:45
You may want to heat two kinds of material in the same atmosphere or vacuum condition at the same time in your lab, then this dual zone furnace is a perfect tool for you! With two separate heating zone, each has its own programmable controller, this furnace can really improve your efficiency, and meanwhile, split-type design and flexible quartz tube will allow you to open the furnace and expose the material in open air for fast cooling. Since we use high-purity alumina fiber as inner lining, you see no need to worry about cracking of the lining.

Over the past ten year, countless labs and other institutions have been using this furnace for their research of a wide range of material. And since you may want some special functions like tube rotating or continuous treatment, so we offer customization service which will ensure you get a furnace exactly as required. To solve the problems you many encounter when using, instead of a manual, we will offer videos to visualize to make operation simple. After all, we offer products as well as service.

Kejia Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.


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