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porcelain furnace dental lab equipment

Time:2017-10-23 09:18
The porcelain furnace dental lab equipment, Intelligent Vacuum Porcelain Furnace applies auto lift and down tray design, the max. Temperature can reach to 1200℃, it is suitable for all kinds of ceramic powder materials, such as Vita In-Ceramics, Shanghai Jade Crowns, etc., and owns following characteristics.

1.High quality of the function of temperature adjustment automatically, ensure the actually temperature error within +/-1.
2.Easy to operate,compact size,the smallest size in the world at present.
3.Precision stepper motor drive, the smooth and jitter-free functioning, noise-free, Speed programmable.
4.Spiral quartz chamber of furnace.
5.Temperature adjustment automatically before every firing procedure.
6.True color touch screen, the operation is simple and convenient. 7.Built in 99 program.

I would like to introduce the producing process of the ceramic false teeth: The first step: Molar: Many people have misunderstanding on molar. Actually grind their teeth is to make after the completion of the porcelain teeth after crown into the outside does not exceed the original status of tooth thickness, so generally do porcelain teeth have their part in addition to the natural tooth. In addition to the retention of the dentures in place smoothly and get good, will base tooth preparation into a certain shape. The stand or fall of abutment teeth preparation, relates to whether the dentures are easy to wear and robustness.

Mocking up: Before send the factory, the doctor must be prepared tooth body condition to do a record, provide the basis for porcelain teeth production.Take the minutes of the jaw with wax or silica gel, used for making factory master dynamic jaw relations.

Color comparisons: In order to guarantee the production of porcelain teeth similar to original tooth or adjacent tooth color, doctors must scan color plate, and comparing with developing original teeth color, determine the scope of the general hue on the color board. Conditional intake series digital color photos, and photos in the form of a usb stick to the mechanic. So we must comprehensive analysis. After accurate color, can send factory processing.

Try adhesive: About 1 week after the production of porcelain teeth can complete medical education online collection. After a try first, check shouldered the secret sex, namely the crown fit to conform to the standard, whether the color is consistent, shape is beautiful, and the adjacency relations, occlusal relationship, etc. If confirmed no problem, the doctor through the special adhesive, adhesive to repair tooth body, porcelain teeth repair work is complete.


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