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The most basic knowledge of lab furnace

Time:2016-07-26 14:35
Zhengzhou Protech Furnace Co., Ltd ---- a successful lab furnace manufacturer integrating research, development and manufacturering with decades of experience, which recording the develop history of Chinese lab furnace. Nowadays, our company has researched many different type and size lab furnaces. These furnace all widely used in metal heat treatment materials, pottery, ceramics, glass, magnetic materials, dental and other fields. Lab furnaces in our company include box type muffle furnace, tube furnace, crucible furnace, Beu type furnace, burnout furnace, dental furnace, CVD,PECVD etc.

The most basic knowledge of lab furnace are the following structure and function:

1. Natural heat insulation, light and easy to handle.

2. Fast heating, heating up to 1100 ℃ about 30 minutes.

3. Both sides in furnace radiation heating way, uniform temperature distribution.

4. Temperature control, PID automatic control LED digital display.

5. Heat preservation: imported high temperature resistant ceramic wool insulation and ceramic plate, high aluminum cotton triple insulation.

6. Hater:High quality imported heater, durable, heat stability, heat faster.

7. Internal use high temperature resistant ceramic board, not changeful form, external use galvanized with high temperature paint beautiful, not easy off paint.

As far as we know, because these lab furnace has the feature of high quality and competitive price, so they are well received in the related industries, departments and related technology are also updated in further...

Protech Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.


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