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What are principles and effect of electric drying oven

Time:2017-12-06 17:08

What are the principles and characteristics of an electric drying box?

There are many kinds of electric drying oven, such as explosion-proof oven, electric heating blower, drying box and so on. The principle and function is to heat and sterilize water by heating, heating and sterilizing, or baking food. An adjustable and controllable heater is used to heat the heating items at a fixed time in a specific environment. The heater is usually heated by electric hot wire or electrothermal quartz tube. The heating is controlled by the timer and the adjustable temperature control switch [adjustable or power selection]. The other is overtemperature protection, which is usually done by a bouncing temperature control switch. The design of vacuum oven for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and oxidizable material, be filled with inert gases, especially some complex items can be quickly drying. The product has the following features: 1. The long cube studio makes the effective volume reach the maximum, the microcomputer temperature controller, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable. 2, toughened and bulletproof double glazed doors to observe the objects in the studio.


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