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Zhengzhou Protech Technology Co.,Ltd. participated in the 12th Material Exhibition

Time:2020-09-05 16:52
The 12th Int’l Material Analysis,Laboratory Equipment&Quality Control Expo. will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on July 10-14, 2019. The conference will be sponsored and hosted by the China Society for Materials Research. The conference will have 38 sub-conferences and 1 forum. The essay covers energy materials and environment. In the field of materials, advanced structural materials, functional materials, basic materials research, etc. In addition, material education forums, new materials, new processes and materials testing technology exhibitions were held concurrently.

The number of exhibitors at Ciamite 2019 is expected to exceed 200 and the exhibition area is over 10,000 square meters.

The exhibition will invite people from the following industries to visit the exhibition site.
1. Scientists and experts in the field of materials research
2. Materials, college professors, doctoral students, graduate students
3. Research and quality management personnel in relevant research institutes and research institutes
4. Laboratory principals and technicians
5. Application enterprise researchers
6, system integrator
7. Industry associations, associations and government personnel
8. Industry media organizations
9. Investment and financing institutions
Zhengzhou Protech Technology Co.,Ltd. will come to the exhibition with the most popular laboratory electric furnace products (muffle furnace,tube furnace,dental furnace,vacuum furnace,atmosphere furnace,CVD&PECVD furnace and other lab equipments etc) to show the strength of the products. We are the professional thermal furnace designer & manufacturer from china. We have 15 years experienced in the Lab & industry  furnace field. The company's qualifications, let everyone trust us, we can better serve customers from all over the world.
Exhibition number: F39
Date/Adress: July 11-13,2019 / Western China International Expo Center,Chengdu China

About the exhibition website: http://www.ciamite.com/


  • Graphene vacuum furnace
  • Benchtop furnace
  • High Vacuum Rotating Tilt Tube Furnace
  • vacuum electric furnace

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