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What is the working principle of the box type resistance furnace?


Nortech briefly shares the working principle of the box type resistance furnace:
1. The furnace door is fixed on the electric furnace panel through multi-level hinges. The closing of the furnace door is to use the self weight of the furnace door handle to tightly close the furnace door and the furnace mouth through the lever principle. When opening, just lift the handle lock upward, pull the rubber hook outward, and place the furnace door on the left side. There is a safety switch interlocked with the furnace door at the lower end of the outer furnace mouth. When the furnace door is opened, the power supply of the electric furnace will be cut off automatically to ensure safe operation.

2. The furnace is rectangular in shape, and the furnace shell is made of angle steel and high-quality steel plate by welding.

3. The working chamber of the furnace is a furnace made of refractory materials, in which the heating elements are placed, and the furnace and the furnace shell of the high-temperature furnace are insulated with thermal insulation materials.
The above introduces the working principle of gas carburizing furnace. This furnace is widely used, for example, it can be used for high-temperature heating such as sintering, dissolution and analysis of metals and ceramics.

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