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Rapid heating RTP annealing furnace

Rapid heating RTP annealing furnace


Description:Designed for annealing semiconductor or solar cell substrates.

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Product Introduction:

The PT-TRTP1000-S110LK1W rapid heating RTP annealing furnace is a tube type furnace with a high vacuum degree for rapid heat treatment, equipped with a quartz cavity and vacuum flange. It is heated by a halogen lamp, with a heating rate of up to 50 ℃/second and PID automatic control. It is designed specifically for annealing semiconductor or solar cell substrates. It belongs to a type of Sliding tube furnace.

Real photos of rapid heating RTP annealing furnace
Real photos of rapid heating RTP annealing furnace

Technical parameters:

name Rapid heating RTP annealing furnace
Model PT-TRTP1000-S110LK1W
Controller LED (heating curve time setting is in seconds)
Furnace Open type and slide type
Furnace tube size OD110 outer diameter
heating zone 200mm
power supply Furnace: Voltage: 380 V; Frequency: 50 Hz; Three phase;
Vacuum pump: 220V 50Hz European standard plug
power 24 kw
heating element halogen lamp
heating rate 0~50 C/S
Thermocouple Design and match according to actual needs
temperature controller 30 segment high-precision digital programmable temperature controller
special requirements Video inspection before shipment, payment upon receipt
1. The furnace is a sliding open type;
2. The heating element is a halogen lamp;
3. The quartz tube is open at one end and closed at the other end;
4. Two air inlets and one air outlet on the flange;
5. Equipped with digital vacuum gauge
6. There is a baffle valve on the flange connected to the vacuum pump of DRV10, and the vacuum degree of the furnace tube is pumped to a cold state of 10Pa;
7. Connect a quartz bracket with a flange as shown in the following figure;
Quartz bracket
8. There is a simple nitrogen float and oxygen float flow meter on the box, with a maximum flow rate of 500ml/min.

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