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Vacuum Furnaces & Heat Treatment Technology

Time:2017-06-27 09:41
      The Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces Group provides advanced, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vacuum heat treatment equipment with guaranteed process technology. Our vacuum furnaces are used in applications for annealing, brazing, sintering, gas quench (High Pressure Gas Quenching), vacuum oil quench, vacuum carburizing and nitriding (Low Pressure Carburizing, PreNit high speed vacuum carburizing), along with a wide variety of custom engineered process technologies. 

     protech vacuum furnace equipment is in operation around the world in the aerospace, power generation, tool & die, medical, machine, automotive and commercial heat treatment industries in both batch and mass production environments.



  • Three phase electric high temperature muffle furnace
  • Three temperature zone inclined tube furnace
  • Touch screen inclined rotary tubular furnace
  • Benchtop furnace

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