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introduce the knowledge of vacuum sintering furnace maintena

Time:2017-07-05 16:42
Vacuum sintering furnace has been used for a long time,There will be some impurities left in the furnace. We need regular maintenance to avoid damage to the equipment. Today, we will introduce the knowledge of vacuum sintering furnace maintenance and maintenance!
1. when the vacuum sintering furnace is deactivated, the vacuum condition in the furnace should be kept below 6.65*104pa.
The dust cleaning 2. furnace with ethanol or gasoline, moistened with silk, and dry.
3., the vacuum system or sealing structure and other parts of the equipment should be cleaned with ethanol or gasoline, and coated with vacuum grease after drying, and then assembled.
4., shell to avoid cleaning regularly, keep clean.
5. the workpiece, car, material frame, workpiece and so on, after cleaning, and then put into the furnace, to prevent moisture, impurities into.
6. when the transmission card, to limit and control the phenomenon of failure, should be immediately removed, to avoid forced operation, to avoid damage to equipment.
7. drive parts should be regular refueling or oil change.
8. vacuum pumps, valves, measuring instruments, thermal instruments and electrical components and other accessories, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, maintenance and maintenance.
9. in the maintenance of vacuum sintering furnace, in the case of power failure, and if in the case of live maintenance, it is necessary to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment.


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