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Application and classification of vacuum furnace heat treatment
   Vacuum heat treatment furnace is used not only for normal workpiece quenching and tempering, annealing and normalizing, and can carry out chemical heat treatment such as vacuum carburizing (including vacuum carbonitriding), vacuum ion carburizing and glow ion nitriding, and complete metal sintering, brazing and vacuum coating, vacuum carburizing layer has uniform with the advantages of good repeatability, gas consumption less bright and clean surface, saving air etc..
      According to the cooling medium using the vacuum heat treatment furnace cooling, vacuum furnace is divided into cold oil gas quenching vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace, an oil cooling oil cooling vacuum furnace and gas cooling vacuum furnace several; according to the structure of the form is divided into single rooms, double rooms, three rooms and continuous furnace etc..
Application and classification of vacuum furnace heat treatment furnace


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