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The use and precautions of laboratory ash box furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:35

Muffle furnace is a heating equipment general. Usually also called box type furnace. The muffle furnace belongs to cycle operation,laboratory Ashing furnace is widely used in denture processing industry, science research institutes, zirconia sintering,ect

Notice of  laboratory Ashing furnaces:

(1) the sample in the porcelain boat should be flat and the thickness of the sample shall not be too large;

(2) when the ash could open the door, the heat board containing sample boat slowly advance the high temperature furnace box furnace, the samples in the boat slowly ashing smoke, no longer smoke to sample a few minutes later, the boat slowly into the hot part in high temperature furnace, close the door to the sample 815 + 15 burning. In the process of ashing, if the coal sample is burned and deflagration, the coal sample will be voided and the sample must be re - incinerated.

(3) the ashing furnace shall have a chimney or vent so that the combustion of the product and the flow of air can be eliminated during the burning of the coal sample.

(4) the control system of the high temperature furnace must be accurate. The temperature rising capacity of high temperature furnace must be up to the requirement of ash determination.

(5) ashing time should ensure that the sample is completely incinerated at 815 + 15, but it is also harmful to prolong the ashing time at will.

laboratory ashing box furnace


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