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Precautions for using and maintaining silicon molybdenum

Time:2020-09-05 16:35

Precautions for the use and maintenance of silicon molybdenum bars

1. in order to maintain the normal temperature, the silicon molybdenum rods used in the process of increasing the resistance value of the rod, should gradually increase the use of voltage, when the voltage is increased to the maximum pressure equipment still cannot meet the requirements, can stop the furnace adopts the mode of connection rod to continue to use the change. If excessive aging, should stop the furnace, all replaced with new rods.
2. silicon molybdenum bars with ceramic brittleness; in transportation, unpacking, installation and replacement process should be handled with light, no strong vibration or mechanical beat, so as not to break.
3. silicon molybdenum rods before installation should inspect the end value of the mark rod resistance with the group; on the long-term storage and labeling fuzzy rod or old stick, electricity the heating surface temperature rose to 1000-1100, read the current and voltage of the temperature, the resistance to Ohm's law, so that with the group. Not at room temperature with a multimeter or bridge measurement of cold resistance on silicon carbide value matching.
4. prohibit overloading the use of silicon molybdenum rod, if the stick surface bubble phenomenon, often too high temperature or harmful substances and rods reaction, should try to reduce the bar temperature or reduce harmful substances and rod contact.
5., the use of frequent observation instrument (voltmeter, ammeter, thermometer, etc.) readings are normal, abnormal occurrence, timely search for reasons, take appropriate measures.
6. silicon carbide rods mounted to the furnace and the connection after. It can move or rotate in the axial and lateral gap should be loose, do not force the plug or hard metal plate connected to great stress, lest electricity thermal stress increase and rod breaking. The fixture and the end of the Cold Sprayed Aluminum rod end connected to the fastening.
7. bar in the store should pay attention to moistureproof; such as the discovery of rod end sprayed aluminum layer deliquescence off; should be re sprayed aluminum processing, also can be in the best sprayed aluminum layer of aluminum foil wrapped connection segment after use. When using a bolt fastening clip, it should be tightened again after running for a period of time so as to prevent the clamp from loosening and bad contact with the rod.
8. water vapor will lead to accelerated aging of silicon carbide; if in the process of heating water discharge, kiln is required to vent. New or unused kilns must be oven heated before use. When baking, use as much heat as possible or with old rods. There are other corrosive atmospheres in the furnace, and the exhaust holes are to be left in the furnace, if permitted.
9. cold start furnace power supply, according to the rated voltage of 1 / 2 a period of time, and then gradually increase the voltage, so as to avoid excessive load or heating with broken rods.


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