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How to solve the problem of too high vacuum in vacuum furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:35

How to solve the problem of too high temperature of vacuum heat treatment furnace

1. Check whether the setting value of the thermostat controlling the temperature of the vacuum heat treatment furnace is in conformity with the regulation. If not, reset the thermostat.
2, pump cooling water flow solid scale or other dirt become smaller, cause the pump ". Because the vacuum heat treatment furnace pump oil must have a certain viscosity, in order to ensure the sealing of the pump, viscosity is too small, poor sealing performance. The viscosity of the pump oil decreases with the increase of temperature, resulting in poor sealing of the pump, increasing the saturated vapor pressure of the oil and reducing the vacuum.
Solution: Dredge waterways, increase the flow of cooling water, so that the temperature of the pump can not exceed l0O degrees Celsius, the provisions of the general value of about 0 degrees is appropriate.
3, vacuum heat treatment furnace component assembly is improper, cause wear and tear, should be re assembled.


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