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The influence of temperature on vacuum degree and vacuum seal

Time:2020-09-05 16:35
    Oral metal ceramic technology KaoCiYa is an advanced dental technology, it is durable and beautiful, has been widely used in the field of dental restoration, porcelain furnace in metal ceramic repair process in dental ceramic is the key equipment of the process. Because the vacuum heating can make the embryo vacuum drying, degassing, metal castings to avoid oxidation and pollution. So that the porcelain teeth with excellent quality are obtained, so the ceramic furnace basically has the function of vacuum pumping.
   The holding period will automatically enter the porcelain furnace reached after the preheating temperature, when the drying and preheating process in the set requirements after the operation, the automatic landing at the bottom of the plate, the stove from preheating and began to heat up, the vacuum pump vacuum also work to reach the set value of vacuum pump to stop rotating, while the temperature is not up to the firing temperature, so heating stove porcelain furnace continues to heat up, with vacuum began to decline, and decline in value increased, if the vacuum is lower than a certain value when the vacuum pump will start from the new, this vacuum degree changes with temperature changes from this complex process, when the temperature reaches the firing after the temperature change of the vacuum degree and in front of the opposite, but at this time of change is reduced, the degree of vacuum in the set value than has been greatly reduced, but also can not meet the required vacuum The degree, so that the vacuum drop in seal leakage related with high temperature, is the most important and the porcelain furnace temperature, the seal leakage to take certain measures to meet the requirements, the influence of the temperature in the porcelain furnace to change the vacuum set value, gradually increasing degree of vacuum, and other firing process the parameters are the same, after the study found that heating vacuum furnace will decrease when the degree of vacuum in the furnace is low if this continues to heating, vacuum will fall sharply when the temperature is high, if the furnace heating vacuum although will decline, but the decline and the decline compared with the low vacuum furnace is reduced, when higher than this is a value, if the heating temperature, the vacuum degree is also on the decline, but in a certain period of time, the required vacuum can be maintained to meet the technological requirements of ceramic.


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