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What vacuum system is often used in vacuum furnaces

Time:2020-09-05 16:35
There are many kinds of vacuum furnaces, and the requirements of vacuum system are different. As far as vacuum is concerned, there are low vacuum, middle vacuum and high vacuum system. Here are some commonly used vacuum systems.
1. low vacuum system low vacuum system is suitable for vacuum heat treatment furnace in vacuum range of 2 ~ 1333Pa, such as pre pumping low vacuum well furnace. Most of the pumps are rotary pumps based on oil seals.
The vacuum system in
2. medium vacuum system is suitable for vacuum heat treatment furnace with vacuum degree of 3 X10 ~ 1.333Pa. The middle vacuum system is most widely used in vacuum heat treatment furnace, which is usually composed of two stage vacuum pump units. The primary pump adopts a rotary mechanical pump or a slide valve type mechanical pump, and the main pump is a mechanical booster pump (Luo Cibeng) or an oil booster pump
The high vacuum system of
3. high vacuum system is suitable for the vacuum degree of 6.6 x 10 ~ 1.333 X 10. Vacuum heat treatment furnace Pa range, such as vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, usually consists of three stage vacuum pump, the main pump commonly used oil diffusion pump, ion pump, pump is used mostly primary rotary mechanical pump or rotary piston pump


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