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Slicon carbide Tube furnace normal maintenance methods

Time:2019-11-22 08:46


   The instrument should be stored in a dry ventilated, non-corrosive gases place, ambient temperature for 10-50 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%.    
     Users can manipulate the rules and keep these in normal use, is indeed due to the quality of products is not working properly, within one year free repair, replacement parts, until the replacement product. At this point the silicon carbide can be connected in series to parallel, you can still use inheritance.
    First remove the protective cover and replace the two ends of the silicon carbide chuck, then pulled out a tube furnace damaged silicon carbide silicon carbide easily broken, exposed ends of the furnace shell should be equal outside the department, the necessary tightening chuck, make good contact with the silicon carbide. Ratings interval farther, reach the required heating power, silicon carbide tube furnace has been described aging. After you change the connection without dismantling the silicon carbide, simply by changing the connection, and change connection, when used to pay attention to slowly adjust the heating power adjustment knob, the heating current value must not exceed the rated value.    
    Regular checks whether the departments hotline loose, AC contactor contacts is good, thrown fault should be repaired. Application of silicon carbide slot asbestos rope at both ends of the mounting holes to plug. After the silicon carbide-type furnace, silicon carbide was found damaged, replace the same specifications and the resistance value of similar new silicon carbide. Tube furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum operating temperature of 1350 ℃. But without the production plant to identify quality principles, the user may not disassemble, otherwise the user is responsible for the maintenance, use long after proportionality, such as hair clockwise adjustment knob to the maximum heating power position in a tube furnace, heating current is still stagnant.
    To ensure proper measurement, the annual application of DC potentiometer proof of XMT-type temperature controller temperature table, in order to avoid large errors. 
Silicon carbide Tube furnace promised four hours of continuous work at the highest temperature. If there is severe oxidative chuck should get a new one.


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