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High temperature vacuum sintering furnace

Time:2018-03-27 14:25
High temperature vacuum sintering furnace is widely applied to the reaction sintering process of silicon carbide (SiSIC) ceramics. It is also used for high temperature vacuum sintering of special ceramic materials, cemented carbide, ceramic metal composite and refractory alloy. Aiming at the high temperature sintering process of materials, ensuring the reliability design of heat resistance and insulation, the new electrode structure eliminates the leakage phenomenon of high temperature furnace electrodes, and the vulnerable parts in the heating system are more convenient for maintenance and replacement. Vacuum dewaxing / degreasing / efficient dust removal device; internal or external recirculation cooling system; multiple temperature measurement methods (K, S, B, WRe, thermocouple, infrared thermometer) or a combination of choice; horizontal furnace, unilateral / bilateral material; vertical furnace / reclaimer; high temperature metal (Cr, Mo tungsten / graphite material selection), heating system, convenient for different temperature or material demand; material technology for high vacuum diffusion pumps can be used (the maximum vacuum up to 1.5*10-3 Pa).


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