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High temperature sintering furnace

Time:2018-03-21 09:01

High temperature sintering furnace

Sintering furnace is a kind of stove, can be in high temperature so that each key green ceramic particles, grain growth, voids (pores) and grain boundary gradually reduced and the material transfer, the total volume shrinkage, density increased, as has a microstructure of dense polycrystalline sintered body. It is widely used in daily life, mainly in the steel industry, metallurgical industry, and electronic industry. High temperature sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering of ceramic powder, ceramic insert and other zirconia ceramics. Sintering of diamond saw blades can also be used for heat treatment of copper and steel strip annealing. The high temperature sintering furnace is so widely used that it is indispensable in the steel industry, the metallurgical industry, and the electronics industry.
The main principle and application
 vacuum sintering furnace is in vacuum after the hydrogen protection condition, using the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating, the tungsten crucible within the coil to produce high temperature by heat conduction to radiation work, scientific research, military units suitable for powder molding and sintering of refractory alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum and its alloys.
Main structure and composition
The structure form is mostly vertical and lower material. Its main components are: electric furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, feeding and discharging mechanism, base, worktable, induction heating device (tungsten heating body and thermal insulation material), power supply device, intermediate frequency power supply and electric control system.
After vacuum pumping, the gas is filled with hydrogen to protect the sintering state of the pressure and atmosphere in the furnace. Continuous measurement of available optical fiber infrared radiation thermometer and thermocouple (0~2500 DEG C), and through the intelligent temperature control program and set the comparison, selection and execution of state feedback to the medium frequency power supply, automatic control of temperature and heat preservation program

High temperature sintering furnace


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