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New products in the field of high temperature and high pressure

Time:2020-09-05 16:36
After 16 months' research and development of the engineering and technical personnel of our company, a high temperature and high pressure sintering tube furnace for high temperature and high pressure sintering has been developed. The high temperature and high pressure sintering process is mainly used for the special functional ceramic powder or the billet with certain density and high pressure 20MPa at the same time, so as to realize the pressure sintering of the ceramic material. Different from ordinary normal pressure sintering process, in the process of high pressure sintering, besides the change of the free energy of the powder surface is the driving force of the sintering, there is also the external pressure as the driving force of the sintering, which affects the sintering process. Because of the increase of the driving force of sintering, the high pressure can make the ceramics of many other methods not sintered, and the other methods can further improve its performance, reduce the sintering temperature, shorten the sintering time, and be beneficial to the process control. Generally speaking, high pressure materials have high density and uniform texture compared with ordinary pressure free sintering and high pressure sintering. At the same time, high density and high density sintered bodies can be obtained by high pressure sintering, because the temperature range that is not likely to be densified is not possible in the growth or recrystallization. Moreover, the high pressure closed type makes the sample not easy to be polluted, and also reduces the volatilization of volatile substances. Its advantages are obvious. Due to the above characteristics of high-pressure technology, especially due to the development of modern high technology ceramics, more and more attention has been paid to high pressure sintering technology.

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