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The working principle of 1200 degree high temperature furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:36
The working principle of a and 1200 degree high temperature sintering furnace:
1, high temperature sintering furnace heating chamber with refractory materials and silicon carbide, Magnesium Oxide, alumina and so on, electric heating wire is nickel chromium alloy wire. The muffle furnace is made of iron plate and coated with corrugated paint. The stove door has a small hole embedded in transparent mica sheets to peek at the furnace. The furnace door is tightly closed, and the switch is convenient. When muffle furnace is used, automatic temperature controller and thermocouple need to be equipped.
2. The automatic temperature controller is a high frequency oscillating circuit for the application of an electronic tube. The energy storage coil is fitted to a certain vibration frequency due to the proper coordination of the coupling storage device. The energy storage coil is attached with a fixed temperature index and a large thermocouple thermometer, which clearly indicates the temperature of the high temperature furnace, and there is a small metal flag on the pointer. When the furnace temperature rises to the required temperature, when the temperature index flags are coupled to the energy storage coil, the oscillating current is randomly stopped and the electronic tube plate current varies, so it manipulates a very sensitive relay to control a powerful relay to cut off the current of the electric hot wire, so that the temperature will no longer rise, when the temperature drops, The small flags of the pointer and the energy storage coil are lost coupling, the electron tube is restored to oscillate, and the controlled powerful relay also restores the current through the high temperature furnace, and the furnace temperature can gradually rise, so that the purpose of maintaining a certain temperature automatically has been achieved because of the intermittent current.
Two. Components:
The 1200 degree high temperature sintering furnace is composed of a heating chamber and an automatic temperature controller. In the process of using a 1200 degree high temperature sintering furnace, if the temperature is changed from high to low, the power supply must be cut off. When the reading of the pyrometer drops to the new readings, the control key can be swirled to the left to the new predetermined temperature readings, and then the power is connected, such as the temperature from a low to a low. The control key must be twisted to shift the temperature indicator to the right temperature to the predetermined temperature reading, so that the reading of the pyrometer can continue to rise.

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