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Can a tube furnace replace the muffle furnace?

Time:2019-08-13 12:46
tube furnace
Recently, a friend and his boss want to buy a muffle furnace, but some friends around him said that the tube furnace has the function of the muffle furnace, and it needs to be used more, so here he wants to ask the similarities and differences between the two, whether Can a tube furnace replace the muffle furnace?
This can not be said to be absolutely replaceable, some technical friends suggest that if you want to pass the protective gas calcination sample, you can use the tube furnace, the tube furnace can also be programmed, but in the air calcination, the calcination is not complete, can not be with the air Fully in touch.
Although some muffle furnaces can be programmed to heat up, but not the same as gas, but if they are calcined in the air, they are still the preferred muffle furnace, which is in full contact with the air and fully calcined. Another friend said that the tube furnace can pass gas, and the muffle furnace is relatively large. As for the other programming temperatures, the same is true.
However, there are other arguments, such as the thin tube furnace, suitable for ventilation (such as redox); the muffle furnace is usually large, suitable for a large number of samples, poor sealing and so on. Anyway, there are pros and cons, mainly to see what you do. The price of the tube furnace is high and the sample placement is difficult. The muffle furnace has a large heating range, and it is easy to place samples and the price is slightly cheaper.
If you really can't make up your mind, you can contact our technical staff at Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology to give you a reasonable suggestion.


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