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Which box furnace manufacturers do you have in china?

Time:2019-08-14 11:11
vacuum furnace

Recently, a friend contacted me to ask Zhengzhou which better box furnace manufacturers, confirmed the look, this time asked the right person.

vacuum furnace

Zhengzhou Nortai Science and Technology has a strong R&D capability, perfect customization process, can produce the most suitable equipment for you.

vacuum furnace
In addition, Nortel Science and Technology has complete laboratory heating product line. Products include vacuum furnace, experimental tube furnace, box muffle furnace, vacuum sintering annealing furnace, vacuum tube furnace, experimental electric furnace and so on. If conventional furnace can not meet your needs, we have more than ten years of research and development experience, professional design department can enter for you. Furnace modification, function addition, function customization, control program customization, produce the most suitable equipment for you.
And we have professional after-sales, if problems arise, through Wechat, telephone, are ready to contact our after-sales technicians. No worries at all. What are you waiting for?


  • Three phase electric high temperature muffle furnace
  • Touch screen inclined rotary tubular furnace
  • Benchtop furnace
  • Three temperature zone inclined tube furnace

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