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How to realize automatic air intake and pressure relief of atmosphere furnace

Time:2020-09-05 15:38
    Atmosphere furnace is a well-known high-temperature experimental equipment which can provide atmosphere protection and various atmosphere environments.
Atmosphere furnace
    But users prefer to have a stable atmosphere. How to realize the automatic stabilization of furnace pressure and timely replenishment of gas has become a concern of many users.

    One solenoid controls the intake air and the other controls the pressure relief. When the pressure gauge detects that the pressure is lower than a certain set pressure, it will give an electrical signal to the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve is connected, the air source will supplement gas to the atmosphere furnace. When the pressure in the atmosphere furnace returns to the set value, the solenoid valve will be closed and no more gas will be introduced. How to realize the same principle can realize the automatic pressure relief. This circulation ensures the stability and sufficiency of the gas in the furnace.

    In fact, the principle is simple, but it is necessary to carefully consider the details of the coordination of various electrical appliances and the sealing of air pipe joints.

    If the air mixing system is equipped, the effect will be better. It can realize automation to a large extent, liberate the time and space of the experimental personnel, and control more accurately and accurately at the same time.


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