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Some common faults and troubleshooting of atmosphere furnace

Time:2020-08-13 10:53
1. In the high temperature test of atmosphere furnace, if the temperature change can not reach the test temperature value, the electrical system can be checked and the faults can be eliminated one by one. Some common atmosphere furnace, such as the temperature rises very slowly, you should check the air circulation system to see whether the regulating baffle of the air circulation is opened normally, otherwise, check whether the motor of the air circulation operates normally. If the temperature overshoot is severe, it is necessary to set the PID parameters. If the temperature rises directly, over temperature protection, then the controller fails, and the control instrument must be replaced.
atmosphere furnace
2. When the equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, the corresponding fault display prompt and sound alarm prompt will appear on the control instrument. The operator can quickly check which kind of fault belongs to according to the chapter of troubleshooting in the operation of the equipment, and then ask professional personnel to quickly remove the fault to ensure the normal operation of the test. There will be other phenomena in the use of other environmental test equipment, which requires specific phenomena, specific analysis and elimination.

3. If the low temperature of the atmosphere furnace fails to reach the test index, you should observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drops slowly, or the temperature tends to rise after the temperature reaches a certain value. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: the former should check whether the working room is dried before the low-temperature test of the vacuum atmosphere furnace, and then put the test sample into the working room to do the test again, Whether there are too many test samples in the studio, which makes the wind in the studio unable to circulate fully. After eliminating the above reasons, we should ask the professional personnel of the manufacturer for maintenance.


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