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Pay attention to the safe use of tube furnace

Time:2020-08-18 13:42

The safe use of tube furnace: sound and light alarm devices and safety interlock protection devices are installed in key parts, and the equipment safety facilities meet the safety standards stipulated by the state, including:

tube furnace

   (1) Over-temperature broken couple alarm and protection; abnormal inflation; grounding protection; short-circuit protection, etc.

   (2) The furnace cover is closed tightly and the vacuum degree meets the requirements for safe use. Pay attention to the tube furnace before starting the heating.

   (3) If the thermocouple is broken or the temperature in the furnace is over-temperature, the furnace will automatically stop heating.

   (4) When the equipment is cut off, the furnace automatically stops heating.

   (5) When there is overpressure in the furnace, the safety relief valve automatically relieves the pressure to ensure the safe operation of the system.



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