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How to install and maintain the atmosphere furnace correctly

Time:2020-09-05 15:15
   The atmosphere furnace is a well-known high-temperature experimental equipment that can provide atmosphere protection and various atmosphere environments, and can also be used for production. However, users prefer to have a stable atmosphere environment. How to automatically stabilize the pressure in the furnace and replenish the gas in time has become a function that many users care about. One solenoid valve controls the air intake and the other solenoid valve controls the pressure relief. When the pressure gauge detects that the pressure is lower than a certain set pressure, it will give an electric signal to the solenoid valve. You know how the solenoid valve is turned on. At this time, the gas source will replenish gas in the atmosphere furnace, and when the pressure in the atmosphere furnace is restored When the set value is reached, the solenoid valve is closed and no more gas is supplied. The same principle can realize automatic pressure relief. This cycle of work ensures the stability and sufficient gas in the furnace.
atmosphere furnace
   Atmosphere furnace furnace has good airtightness: in order to control the furnace atmosphere and maintain a certain furnace pressure, the working space in the furnace should always be isolated from the outside air, and try to avoid air leakage and suction. Controllable Atmosphere Furnace Under controllable atmosphere, electric heating elements should be provided with high-carburizing materials or anti-carburizing coatings, and low-voltage power supplies should try to avoid carburizing short-circuit damage or carbon deposition on the furnace wall. In the process of filling, unloading, quenching and cooling, all need to be carried out under sealed conditions. Therefore, before or after unloading, a closed quenching mechanism and a controlled atmosphere cooling chamber are necessary. The door of the furnace, the structure that communicates with the outside must be strict, and the fire-proof sealing device should be opened.

The installation of atmosphere furnace is as follows:

   The electric furnace is installed to suit the physiological operating height of the human body, the effective load of the installation foundation should be greater than 500KG, and the installation ground should be flat to ensure the smooth and accurate movement of the inner tank into and out of the furnace.

  Electrical installation, under the premise of ensuring personal safety, in order to achieve a suitable application environment, the specific requirements are as follows: the experimental atmosphere furnace and the control cabinet are grounded as a whole, and the grounding resistance of the grounding wire should be less than 4Ω. Power configuration: 3-phase 380V. The user's electrical control cabinet configuration power should be greater than 20Kw. The thermocouple is inserted into the furnace with a depth of 25mm, and is connected with the temperature control instrument by the compensation wire of the N graduation number. When installing the resistance wire, do not use force to prevent breakage.

   Atmosphere furnace maintenance work:

   The rated power should not be exceeded during use, can it be installed and maintained correctly, and the temperature of the atmosphere furnace should not exceed the maximum operating temperature. It is forbidden to put wet workpieces into the furnace. Heated workpieces containing excessive moisture should be dried in advance.

   Keep the furnace clean, and remove metal oxides, slag and impurities in the furnace in time. Care should be taken when loading and unloading the workpiece to prevent damage to the silicon molybdenum rod.

Silicon molybdenum rod alkali, alkali metals, silicic acid and boron compounds can corrode it at high temperature. Water vapor has a strong oxidizing effect on it. Hydrogen and gas containing a large amount of hydrogen will decompose silicon molybdenum rod at high temperature. Attention must be paid strictly.

   The workshop must be equipped with 1/2 pipe with a water source back force of 0.2MPa.

   Connect the gas filling port to fill CO2 and other protective gases. When the pressure gauge of the atmosphere furnace indicates 0.02~0.04MPa, stop filling.

  By investigating the flow rate and controlling the outlet temperature at 40℃cgh.

   Regularly check whether the contact of each terminal is good.


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