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Features and advantages of high temperature furnaces in steelmaking

Time:2020-09-05 15:12
   The characteristics of high-temperature furnace in steelmaking analysis of the characteristics of high-temperature furnace in steelmaking, high-temperature electric furnace steelmaking mainly uses arc heat, and the temperature is as high as 4000℃ in the arc action zone. The smelting process is generally divided into a melting period, an oxidation period and a reduction period. In the high-temperature furnace, it can not only create an oxidizing atmosphere, but also a reducing atmosphere. The advantages of the characteristics and advantages make the efficiency of dephosphorization and desulfurization high. You can add molten iron, pig iron, direct reduced iron, hot briquette, etc. The smelting time is longer, generally at least twice as long as the converter smelting time. The high-temperature electric furnace has a high melting temperature and is easy to control and adjust. The arc furnace temperature is as high as 3000-6000℃, and the furnace temperature is as high as 2000℃, which is much higher than the temperature required for smelting general steel grades. It can be used to smelt alloy steel that cannot be smelted by converters. And stainless steel
high temperature furnaces
   Since the required energy is provided by the high temperature generated by the electrode when it is short-circuited, it consumes a lot of electricity. The electricity consumed to smelt 1 ton of steel is about 350-600kWh; the hydrogen and nitrogen content in the finished steel is relatively high. Because under the action of the electric arc, a large amount of water vapor in the air in the furnace dissociates, and the generated hydrogen and nitrogen, if entering the molten steel, will affect the quality of the steel. The arc is a "point" heat source, and the temperature distribution in the furnace is uneven. When the molten pool is calm, the temperature of the molten steel varies greatly. The presence of carbon electrodes will increase the carbon of molten steel and bring difficulties to the smelting of low carbon steel.

   Scrap iron and steel is a kind of energy-carrying resource, and steel making with scrap iron and steel can save a lot of energy. In large-scale steel complexes, from mining, beneficiation, sintering, coking, ironmaking to steelmaking, and high-temperature furnaces in steelmaking and rolling, energy consumption and pollution emissions are mainly concentrated before the steelmaking process. Studies have shown that direct steelmaking with scrap steel can save 60% of energy compared with steelmaking after ironmaking with ore.

   Scrap iron and steel is also an environmentally friendly resource. Compared with direct steelmaking using scrap steel and steelmaking after ironmaking with ore, it can reduce waste gas by 86%, waste water by 76% and waste residue by 97%, which is conducive to cleaner production and waste reduction.


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