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Temperature adjustment method of muffle furnace
The temperature adjustment method of the muffle furnace:
box resistance furnace
1. In the non-setting state, press and hold the "shift/auto-tuning" button for 6 seconds and then enter the system auto-tuning program. The setting indicator will flash. After the auto-tuning is completed, the indicator will flash intermittently, and the controller will get a set Better system PID parameters, parameter values are actively retained. The temperature of the muffle furnace

2. The system can be self-tuned when the temperature control of the muffle furnace is not ideal. During the auto-tuning process, the temperature will have a large overshoot. The user of the temperature adjustment method should fully consider this factor before performing system auto-tuning.

3. During the system auto-tuning process, long press the "shift/auto-tuning" button for 6 seconds to interrupt the auto-tuning program. The alarm indicator does not light up and the buzzer does not sound, but the heating alarm relay will be actively disconnected.


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