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Specific operation of tube furnace installation and use

Time:2020-08-26 09:41
The installation and use of the tube furnace are as follows:
  The tube furnace can be placed on a flat floor or on a workbench in the room. The installation of the tube furnace does not require other installation procedures. However, it should be noted that the supporting controller should avoid vibration, and the location should not be too close to the experimental electric furnace to prevent overheating and affecting the normal operation of the control part.
Tubular resistance furnace
 Insert the thermocouple through the couple hole, and fill the gap between the couple hole and the thermocouple with asbestos rope to prevent heat loss.
Uncover the temperature controller shell, and connect the power cord, electric furnace line, thermocouple and safety switch line according to the standard. Since the controller and the furnace center line are shared, the phase line and the center line cannot be reversed. Pay attention to the thermocouple connection "+" "-" cannot be reversed, otherwise the indicator will not indicate.

    Adjust the mechanical zero point by connecting the wire between "short" and "short" on the back-end wiring board of the XCT-101 temperature indicator. If you use a compensation wire and a cold junction compensator, you should adjust the mechanical zero for specific operations. At the reference temperature point, when the compensation wire is not used, adjust the mechanical zero position to the scale zero position. But the indicated temperature is the temperature difference between the measured point and the cold junction of the thermocouple.

    After checking that the wiring is correct, cover the controller shell, adjust the pointer of the temperature indicator to the required operating temperature (that is, turn on the lower corner screw of the indicator panel), then turn on the power, turn on the control power switch, the relay starts to work, the electric furnace is powered on, and the ammeter Even if reading occurs, the pointer of the temperature indicator gradually rises, which means that both the electric furnace and the temperature controller are working normally.

   The heating and constant temperature of the tube furnace are indicated by red and green lights respectively, and the red light indicates constant temperature.


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