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Operators can troubleshoot the operation of the tube furnace

Time:2020-09-11 15:09
  The tube furnace is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research institutes and laboratories for sintering various new material samples under vacuum or atmosphere. The tube furnace is also suitable for diffusion welding of metals, nanometers, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, batteries, etc., and heating equipment for atmospheric heat treatment under the protection of vacuum gas. Tube furnaces are mainly used for material testing, synthesis, sintering, etc. The furnace body has good insulation performance and significant energy saving effect.
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  The ube furnace can also be used for vacuum hot-press sintering of composite materials, powder materials, structural ceramics and alloys.

   Tube furnace troubleshooting:
 1. In the high temperature test, if the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, you can check the electrical system and eliminate the faults one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, check the air circulation system to see if the adjustment baffle of the air circulation is open normally, otherwise, check if the motor of the air circulation is operating normally. If the temperature overshoot is severe, then you need to set the pid setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly and the over-temperature protection is applied, then the controller fails and the control instrument must be replaced.

 2. When the equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, the corresponding failure display prompt and audible alarm prompt will appear on the control instrument. The operator can quickly check which type of fault belongs to in the troubleshooting chapter of the operation and use of the equipment, and then ask professionals to quickly troubleshoot the fault to ensure the normal progress of the test. There will be other phenomena in the use of other environmental test equipment, so specific phenomena should be analyzed and eliminated.

   3. If the low temperature does not reach the test index, then you have to observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drops slowly, or the temperature has a tendency to rise after the temperature reaches a certain value, the former should be checked, and the vacuum atmosphere furnace is for low temperature test Whether to dry the studio before, keep the studio dry and then put the test samples in the studio to do the test again. Whether the test samples in the studio are placed too much so that the wind in the studio cannot be fully circulated. Eliminate the above reasons After that, it is necessary to consider whether it is a fault in the refrigeration system, so that it is necessary to ask the manufacturer's professional personnel to perform maintenance.


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